It’s Has Been 16yrs I Tested Positive For HIV- Bisi Alimi Celebrates World AIDS Day

Bisi Alimi
Today across the world is set aside to celebrate World Aids Day and to also sensitize the public on the need to adequately protect themselves. Gay Activist Bisi Alimi today took to his social media page to celebrate the day and also share his experience of living with the virus over the last 16 years.

Bisi Alimi

The activist shared that the first four years after he was diagnosed with HIV was tough for him because of the stigma and the discrimination he faced at the time. According to him, he’s been able to overcome all of that following the support and love from the people that matter to him. Bisi Alimi went on to encourage people living with the virus to realize that it is no longer a death sentence and they also have the opportunity to live a fulfilled and well meaning life.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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