It’s One Of My Biggest Heartbreaks- Halle Berry Opens Up On 2002 Oscar Award

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Hollywood screen star Halle Berry made history in 2002 when she became the first African American to win the best actress Oscar for her role in Monster’s Ball and the TV star is opening up on how the award changed her life and became one of her biggest heartbreaks.

Halle Berry Opens Up On 2002 Oscar Award

In the interview Halle Berry revealed that she expected other African American women to have won the Oscar Awards since she won it, due to the array of talent possessed by African American women.  Berry talked about the fact that Hollywood didn’t exactly come beating down her door after her triumph especially in the wake of her starring role in 2004’s “Catwoman” which bombed.

“I think it’s largely because there was no place for someone like me,” “I thought, ‘Oh, all these great scripts are going to come my way; these great directors are going to be banging on my door,’” Berry said. “It didn’t happen. It actually got a little harder. They call it the Oscar curse. You’re expected to turn in award-worthy performances.”

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In the interview Halle Berry also described the win as her biggest heartbreak as she expected other black women to have taken home the award as well. “I thought Cynthia [Erivo, the star of ‘Harriet’] was going to do it last year. I thought Ruth [Negga, nominated for 2016’s ‘Loving’] had a really good shot at it too,” Berry said. “I thought there were women that rightfully, arguably, could have, should have. I hoped they would have, but why it hasn’t gone that way, I don’t have the answer.”

“It’s one of my biggest heartbreaks. “The morning after, I thought, ‘Wow, I was chosen to open a door.’ And then, to have no one …” “I question, ‘Was that an important moment, or was it just an important moment for me?’ I wanted to believe it was so much bigger than me. It felt so much bigger than me, mainly because I knew others should have been there before me and they weren’t.”

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