izzue x Tsinghua Fashion Design Award Finalist – CHEUNG Ching Man, Aman


你好,我的名字是Aman,我目前在香港理工大學就讀時裝設計,即將升讀3年級。我的設計靈感來自世界上第一位女飛機師女飛機師,她名字是Amelia。以她的背景及年代的服裝元素作參考,例如那年代的西裝或者是較短身的服裝輪廓。此外,她也是公益活動及女權運動中的先鋒,而近年迴圈再生時裝(sustainable fashion)這新的趨勢,同樣是時裝設計師的新挑戰。

Hello, my name is Aman, I study at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and currently in my 3rd year of fashion design. My inspiration comes from on the world’s first female pilot called Amelia. I have taken reference from her background and the fashion elements from that period, for example, the fashionable blazer and the short-looking silhouette. Apart from that, she was a pioneer for charity activities and feminism movements. As a new trend, sustainable fashion would be the challenges for all fashion designers.

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