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J. Cole’s Girlfriend In Another Heartbreak Battle With His Baby Mama



Every relationship they say, goes through a struggle but only strong relationships get through it. Celebrities happen to constantly have what we may call troubled relationship syndrome – a relationship ups and downs which is peculiar to them, with some of them having series of heartbreaks. We can mention a handful of celebrities whose relationships are in a mess and some who are able to scale through the tides of their troubles and stay happily together. But for the popular Hip Hop Artist Jermaine Lamarr Cole and his beautiful girlfriend Melissa Heholt, it has been a dice tossing game.

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Melissa met her boyfriend Jermaine Lamarr Cole (popularly known as J.Cole) at St. John’s University in Queens NY, where she had a double major and he was in for communications major and business minor. It was amazing how the two got on well as Melissa turned out to be a well sought after wedding planner in New York City while Cole grew stronger as a hip hop recording artist, songwriter and record producer. Although the popularity of J.Cole and his girlfriend is at an all time high, their relationship could be said to be at a deteriorating state especially as the two have failed to create a lasting balance in their relationship.

J.cole 2

J. Cole first proposed to his Melissa in 2010 though there was no ring to prove it, and well wishers looked forward to seeing them walk the aisle to complement their long-lasting relationship. The second proposal was second was via Twitter where he publicly declared his engagement to her. The most resent was in 2014 when J Cole presented his girlfriend with a 4 carat diamond ring as a sign of his true commitment to her. The couple was said have picked a date and location for their nuptials. Spotting the beautiful  bride-to-be at L’Fay Bridal in New York on several occasions was a sign of confirmation that the wedding was going to push through after all. Months later, rumors began to spread that the popular rapper has been spending lots of time with a woman named Bria who is now pregnant for him.

The “break baby” of  J. Cole with his side chick sent wrong signals about the success of the awaited union between him and his girlfriend. Bria has been posting on Instagram, very interesting pictures of her stomach which looked rather bloated and those of Cole in a hotel with her. Report had it that she made these posts because she is not happy with the fact that Cole gave a ring to his girlfriend Melissa and not her. More to it, it was reported that J. Cole called off his wedding with his girlfriend based on his dissatisfaction with “the Western institution of marriage” claiming that he is yet to understand what the western marriage tradition is all about. Honestly, people think this excuse is too flimsy.

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Jcole join

The public claims made by Bria about J.Cole and his girlfriend might be a final blow that may lead to the final end of the 10 year relationship. According to her, Cole has been cheating on and making a fool out of his girlfriend who believes she is engaged to her man. Talking in an interview with, she also added that Cole has never admitted that he is engaged to Melissa. As if that was not enough, she said

And he says you’re boring in bed sweetie. He talks about how dry you are, that’s how he describes you. Everything about you is dry as fuck, his words not mine”

She concluded by saying that she pities Cole’s girlfriend and that she thinks they both deserve each other. Judging by the number of pictures and statements made by Cole’s side chick, we doubt the relationship will still stand.

It’s unfortunate how most celebrity’s relationships don’t last, they crash almost the same way they start. For Cole and his girl friend, people are of the opinion that there is no love in their relationship and thus they should put to an end to deceiving each other. A school of thought is of the opinion that a relationship like that of J.Cole and his girlfriend is doomed because some successful people (including some musicians) see themselves as so awesome that they feel they deserve more than one partner and people ought to be understanding about that and we think Cole is caught in that web. While we wait for Cole and his girlfriend Melissa to speak out regarding their relationship, You may want to answer this question – How many break ups should a lady suffer before she calls it a final quit?

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