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James Cameron Becomes Only Director with Three $2-Billion Movies

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James Cameron joined an exclusive club Sunday — one that includes only himself … he’s the sole director in history with three movies that have crossed a huge money milestone.

That benchmark is the $2-billion line, which his latest film — ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ — crossed Sunday … now marking the third such flick of his to have achieved it at the international box office. His other two crown jewels … ‘Avatar’ ($2.9B) and ‘Titanic’ ($2.1B).

Only three other films have passed $2 bil … all of ’em Disney-owned. There’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (#2, $2.7B), ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’ (#4, $2.071B) and ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (#5, $2.052B). ‘Avatar 2’ is now the 6th highest grossing movie ever.

Prior to this weekend’s accomplishment, Cameron shared the space with the Russo Bros. … who directed both ‘Avengers’ films — but he’s surpassed them and is in a league of his own.

Remember, ‘Way of Water’ only came out in theaters a month and change ago — so it’s reached this massive amount of ticket sales in a record time … although, the Russos technically got there faster. Whereas it only took 37 days for ‘A2’ to cross the $2-billion finish line, ‘Endgame’ swallowed that up back in 2019 … ringing that bell in an astounding 11 days.

Safe to say, JC’s latest installment has become profitable … and there’ll surely be more sequels. That wasn’t necessarily guaranteed though — in fact, the flick had a slow start when it opened on Dec. 16 … and there were doubts if it had the legs to go to the distance.

In a time when box office numbers simply aren’t what they used to be … James Cameron seems to be a constant through and through. Get this man on another film set, STAT!

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