Joeslyn Dumas Challenges Other Women As She Goes Without Makeup

Joeslyn Dumas Make-up Free challenge

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Joselyn Dumas has challenged celebrities and other women in her social media camp to go without makeup as the quarantine life continues. Of course, makeup is one beauty enhancement a lot of women can hardly do without but nothing is also wrong to throw your makeup bag out the window for a day or two, perhaps to celebrate your true beauty. Our very own Joselyn Dumas did that yesterday in a fun Instagram challenge that quite a number of ladies were eager to participate in.

Leading the contest, the Ghanaian actress came up with the hashtag #NoMakeUpChallenge, where she deprived her face of foundation and highlighter, and shared a bare-face look. In the photo, the actress still looked amazing, sporting her kinky locks and a t-shirt to show off her no-makeup beauty. As for Dumas, it’s all about celebrating different shades of beauty.

“INMATES Let’s start a #NoMakeUpChallenge shall we ? I’ll go first…..,” the actress captioned the photo. “Please tag me and Let’s celebrate the different shades of beauty. You are beautiful no matter anyone’s opinion!!!”

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Since . circulated, fans have also joined on the no-makeup challenge, tagging the actress not only with their fresh-faced looks but proving that there’s joy for being yourself.

It must be refreshing to see these number of women embrace their inner beauty, especially when you’re used to constantly live on beauty products. Should you want to join the chorus, #NoMakeUpChallenge is the hashtag.


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