Joke Silva Will Be A Panelist At The 2019 Cannes International Film Festival – ZUMI


Held in France, the annual Cannes International Film Festival previews a selection of new films and documentaries all over the world. With the world finally catching up to the immense talent in Africa, it is now common to see more representation of our own on the big stage. As such, Joke Silva will join other panellists at the ‘Women In Film’and ‘Meet The Legends Of African Cinema’ at the prestigious film festival.

(Photo: Instagram/Genevieve Magazine)

The actress is set to attend the sessions in association with Pavillon Afriques, a Lagos state-funded business platform dedicated to Pan-African film industry professional. Other Africans selected as panellists at the festival include South Africa’s Terry Pheto and Gelila Bekele from Ethiopia.

We’ve said it countless times, that there is a global paradigm shift in the representation of women in film and media. It is great that one of our own will contribute to a much-needed conversation at a grand platform like the Cannes Festival.


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