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“Judge women by their past” – Nigerian man tells men



A Nigerian man, identified as Brian Dennis, has taken to Facebook to advise men to judge women by their past so they don’t end up with a woman whose baggage is heavier than them.Nigerian man tells

According to Brian , some women will live wild and wayward lives in their prime years, but when they finally decide to turn a new leaf, they will start saying “My past doesn’t define me. I need a man who will love me for me”.


He asserted that men should judge women by their past actions, otherwise they will join them to suffer the consequences in the long run.

Brian wrote,


“A woman will live a wild life of clubbing, prostituting, smoking and doing all sorts of drugs, exploring unmentionable sexual pleasures and internet nudity then one day she gives it all up and goes
“My past doesn’t define me”
“I need a man who will love me for me”

Dear Kings, I say to you. Judge them by their past. Do not end up with someone who’s baggage is heavier than them or else you will join them to live with the consequences of their actions.

As usual, I expect women to enter this post and begin to argue, but if their brothers bring a girl they know was a very bad girl and says he wants to marry her they will be the first to shout “God forbid” and reject it on his behalf but because this is the internet, let’s allow them to continue in their pretended sanctimony.


“We all have a past”
Your past – Bet9ja, PS2 Gamehall gambling, exam malpractice, Heineken and Guinness plus that time you stole N500 from your mother’s purse to buy airtime.
Her Past -Sugar daddies, shisha, dating the number one cultist in the hood, turning up every night, Badoo and tinder prostitution plus nudity.



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