Juice WRLD’s GF Ally Lotti Reveals She’s Suffered Multiple Miscarriages

Juice WRLD’s girlfriend Ally Lotti revealed on social media that she miscarried several times while dating the late rapper.

Juice WRLD, Ally Lotti

NurPhoto / Getty Images

“It’s all he wanted.” she wrote. “We worked a lot and it took a tol on my body I was always sick. three miscarriages and after he passed away one more due to stress. . The one of the first ppl to call me after he passed was my OB/GYN..”

The couple began dating in 2020. The beloved rapper passed one year later on December 8, 2020.

“I know J’s with me,” she said regarding his passing earlier this year. “I’m so thankful. I know he’s always with me, but when he shows me signs it really just gives me the motivation. I’m so blessed and thankful for that right now. So blessed.”

“I just want our memories, I want our story. I just want our music and the music that he made for me. That he wants you guys to hear. And that’s what I’m putting myself into. Not for anything else. I get nothing out of this, just so you guys know, and I don’t want anything out of this… Literally that’s it,” she added.

Check out Juice WRLD’s new posthumous track with Benny Blanco, “Real Shit”, which arrived on what would have been Juice WRLD’s 22nd birthday, here.


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