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Kano Street Begging: Council Of Ulama Faults Ganduje’s Ban


Governor Abdullahi Ganduje (image courtesy Daily Advent)


Kano Council of Ulamas has condemned the decision of the Abdullahi Ganduje administration to ban street begging in the most populous state in northern Nigeria – Kano.

Concise News had reported that Ganduje declared street begging illegal, and ordered arrest of any child beggar in the state.


The governor, who made this known as he unveiled basic education distribution services, also threatened to charge parents of such child beggars to court.

But addressing newsmen in Kano, Chairman of the council, Sheik Ibrahim Khalid, countered the policy, saying that the government lacks the political will to enforce the plan.


He asked the government to rather address the major cause of child beggar in Kano, instead of imposing policy that may not stand the test of time.

“The main problem is that the policy will not last just like what pass government did. Even the government that says it has barred begging is not serious about it. It will ban it and after a while it will return,” he said.


He also said, “The right steps to follow in banning street begging include firstly, the Quranic clerics involved have to be identified. Because there are street beggars who are Quranic students, there are beggars who are sent by their parents, there are also physically challenged individuals.

“All these forms of street beggars need to be identified and each one be addressed accordingly. But they have not done that.”


Sheik Khalid said that for the policy to work effectively, government must involve local Quranic clerics to understand the statistics and why the children engage in begging.

“If you want to stop street begging you have to come up with a perfect plan that will bring together, the Quranic teachers, the wealthy in the society, religious organizations, non religious organizations and other stakeholders, to deliberate and even found the perfect plan that would be implemented. It is the citizens that should be used along with the Quranic teachers,” he said.


“To us at the Council of Ulama, the government cannot do it and is not serious about it. They are just doing it to appease their masters abroad, or get their money or some kind of noisemaking.

“Or they might have been accused of something from somewhere for which they simply organise a ceremony and that is all. That is our opinion. The government is not serious and cannot do it because it has not taken the right steps to it.”


. Kano Street Begging: Council Of Ulama Faults Ganduje’s Ban Follow Concise News.