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Kanye West was ready to quit music to style Kim


Kim Kardashian has revealed that Kanye West was ready to quit music to be her stylist on the first episode of the new Hulu series The Kardashians.

The premiere episode of the Kardashian new series shows the couple during more amicable times before Kim’s Saturday Night Live gig and her relationship with Pete Davidson.

In the episode, Kim shares with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian during lunch that Kanye had told her how he wanted to “quit everything” and “dedicate his life” to being her stylist.

Khloe, taken aback, suggested, “I think he should maybe still do a little music, a little Adidas designing, and then he can do that on the side.”

Speaking to the cameras, Kim explained that she and Kanye “remain friends” despite their divorce.

She continued: “He’s always dressed me; he’s always styled me. In the early 2000s, he would literally just send me random emails with all these looks and what my style should be.”

Kim also revealed that back in the 2000s, Kanye emailed her tips such as, “Only wear crop tops and pencil skirts” or “It’s all about a boot with a skirt” alongside reference pictures.

“That’s always been our thing, but there’s also a side of me that wants total independence too.”

Back in January, Kim and Kanye announced the news of their separation, filing for a divorce a month later.

In February this year, Kim’s petition to be declared legally single was approved.

The Skims founder is now dating SNL comedian Pete Davidson while Kanye West has gone on several social media pages, making it clear he wasn’t happy about their relationship.

Kim and Kanye broke news of their separation in January last year, filing for divorce a month later.

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