Kawhi Leonard Hilarious Explains The Problem With Having Big Hands


Ever since coming into the NBA, fans have marveled over the size of Kawhi Leonard’s hands. Of course, it’s a pretty weird thing to be hung up on although considering he is a basketball player, there is a clear advantage to having big hands. As a result, Kawhi can dunk and grab rebounds seemingly at will, which has led to his popular “Klaw” nickname. He even used to call himself the “Board Man” back in college, simply because of the rebounds his hands afforded him.

While speaking to Jimmy Kimmel last night, Leonard got honest about his hands and how they have been a nuisance at times. For instance, Kawhi joked that he can’t even put his hands in his pockets, which is a luxury all his other friends can do. Needless to say, it’s not so easy being Kawhi.

Kimmel used this admission to ask Kawhi if his hand size was the reason for leaving the Toronto Raptors. Leonard ultimately went along with the joke noting that he couldn’t find gloves that fit, which is why he had to leave the city for his hometown of Los Angeles.

Kawhi seemed to be on a bit of a comedy tour last night although today, things have gotten a bit more serious today as it was revealed the NBA is now investigating Leonard’s signing with the Clippers. Team executive Jerry West has been accused of bribing people for information that could lead to signing Kawhi, which if true, could lead to some very hefty fines.

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Kawhi Leonard

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