Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Ample Cleavage And Hourglass Figure In Black Bralette And Leggings

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian flaunts her tiny waist in an all-black ensemble on social media.

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Kim showed off her ample cleavage and hourglass figure in an ensemble from Skims, which she founded in 2020.

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Kim posted a picture on Instagram, where she is seen sporting black lycra pants paired with a black bralette. She completed her look with make-up, stilettos and chose to leave her long tresses open.

She shared a string of videos on her Instagram Stories featuring her son Saint. As a caption, she wrote: “My baby speaks Japanese.”

Meanwhile, Kim paid tribute to her late grandfather, Robert True Houghton, over the weekend. The 40-year-old diva shared a sepia-toned photo of a young Robert on her Instagram Stories.

Kim captioned the nostalgic snap: “My grandpa #RobertTrueHoughton.” Robert was Kris Jenner’s father. He was married to Kris’ mother, Mary Jo Campbell.

Kim has lately been in the news for reports of an impending divorce with rapper Kanye West. Although the two have had a joint counselling session, the divorce seems very much on, according to sources.

Photo Credit: Getty