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Kwara government rounds-up IPV, Immunisation in 9 LGAs – Lifestyle News


By Fatima Mohammed-Lawal

Ilorin – The Kwara State Primary Health Care Development Agency (KWPHCDA) has rounded-up its Polio vaccination in the remaining nine Local Governments Areas (LGAs) of the State.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Rounds of Polio vaccination had commenced on the 3rd of August across seven LGAs, and was expected to be round-up on Aug. 23rd at the remaining nine LGAs.

Speaking at the sidelines of the round-up campaign, the State Mobilisation Officer for the Agency, Dr Dupe Shittu, said “the programme is aimed at eradicating Polio virus totally from our environment”.

She said the Inactivated Polio Vaccination (IPV) is a six-day immunisation programme for children from zero to 59 months, with the aim of eradicating Polio virus totally from our environment.

Shittu commended the State government for its relentless efforts in supporting people in the state against the deadly virus.

Furthermore, she said the teams have been moving from street to street as House mobilisers and Community leaders, adding that children will be vaccinated on Inactivated Polio Vaccines (IPV), Oral Polio Vaccines (OPV), Measles and Yellow fever among others.

The mobilisation officer said additional programmes are scheduled to hold before the end of the year and media engagements and social mobilisation activities will be put in place to sensitise the public.

A visit to Kwara State Civil Service Clinic, Ilorin, one of the accredited centres for the programme revealed that parents came out en-mass for the exercise.

The nine LGAs included Ifelodun, Offa, Oyun, Baruten, Edu, Ilorin East, Ilorin South, Ilorin West and Ekiti.

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What Are The Best Probiotics For Vaginal Health? ( Top 10 Picks)

The question that every sane female should ask every now and then is “what are the best probiotics for vaginal health?”. Vaginal health is crucial to all women irrespective of age. There are efforts you can make to ensure that the area is kept healthy and clean throughout.

The vagina has more than forty different microbes. Some of the microbes are good while others are bad. Your vagina requires a balance between the good and bad bacteria and this is where probiotics come in.

Infections occur when the bad bacteria overpower the good one, one cause of sudden bacteria imbalance is prolonged use of antibiotics.

Probiotics containing Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus reuteri are one of the most effective when it comes to bringing balance to the vagina area and promoting good health.

Do probiotics help Vaginal pH balance?

Probiotic are heaven sent! A regular intake of probiotics promotes proper bacterial balance in the body resulting in body pH balance.

Besides, probiotics have several benefits such as combating yeast infections, boosting the immune system, supporting the digestive system and promoting vaginal health.

Do probiotics kill bad bacteria?

Probiotics are often defined as the friendly bacteria that live in the human gut and they . lots of important roles and killing bad bacteria is one of them as well as balancing gut bacteria. Probiotics are meant to help your immune system fight bacterial infections such as ear infection, bacterial meningitis, and pneumonia.

Antibiotic can be really beneficial but their inability to distinguish between harmful and good bacteria, it may result in the death of lots of good bacteria but consuming probiotics can help to restore balance and keep your body functioning properly.

What is the best way to take a probiotic?

Probiotics are available in several forms, from powders to pills. It all depends on your reason for taking them. The ones in oil form are more convenient than those in liquid form but this does not mean that they are better. It is best to ask your doctor to recommend the best way to take your probiotics.

How long should I take a probiotic?

How long you should take probiotics depends on the reason why you are taking them in the first place. It is important to consult your health care provider to help you determine the correct how long you should take to solve the issue at hand.

How to choose the right probiotic

Probiotics are created differently. Some probiotics in the market today do not contain strong and effective strains that support good vaginal health. One of the reasons for this is that they are made under poor conditions that do not promote the viability of the cultures in them.

You definitely want to take a  probiotic that will address your specific issue. That being said, you need to check the expiry date on the package to ensure that the bacteria are active.

Additionally, look at the colony-forming units to make sure that the number is in billions, this is to ensure potency. Avoid buying probiotics from a brand that does not state the number of active organisms in the supplements.

The Best probiotics for vaginal health 2019

If you need help choosing the most suitable probiotics for women then listed below are the best options.

1. Nature’s way primadophillus fortify women probiotic

Check Price On Amazon Now

Primadophilus fortify women’s probiotic is one of the most effective vaginal health as well as gut probiotic. This probiotic contains 20 billion active Lactobacillus cultures to keep your vagina healthy. Together with the 30 billion of bifidobacterial culture, you can be sure that this probiotic will work to keep your vaginal health at its best.

The capsules are made in a way that they only stall after by-passing your stomach acidity. This factor makes them effective in the desired areas. The capsules do not contain gluten or any other additives that can upset your gut.

Regular intake of primadophillus probiotics will help balance out your vaginal and gut health fast.


  • Effective in promoting vaginal as well as gut health
  • Gluten-free
  • Fit for vegetarian
  • 50 billion active ingredients per serving
  • Delayed-release
  • Probiotic strains
  • No Artificial Additives
  • Capsules are small and therefore easy to swallow


  • Needs refrigeration to stay active
  • Priced on the higher side.

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Hyperbiotics Pro- women probiotic is specifically designed to tackle bad bacterial and bring balance in women body. The probiotic contains three ingredients that are natural and effective in supporting women’s overall health.

The probiotic is extracted from mannose and cranberry which is good evidence that it promotes an excellent environment for the growth of good bacteria in the urinary system. Mannose is a natural sugar occurring in fruits and is effective in killing urinary tract infection-causing bacteria.

Hyperbiotic probiotic capsules are delay-release designed to facilitate better flora delivery to the target areas in the body.

The probiotic strain majorly restores vaginal and gut health to help women feel good about their body. It also boosts the general body metabolism hence promoting faster digestion, better absorption of nutrients and increased energy levels.


  • Natural ingredients
  • Gluten-free
  • 5 billion probiotics
  • Excellent urinary health support
  • Only a capsule a day is eno0ugh


  • The chalky coating on the pills which may not be appealing to users
  • May cause acidity in users with the sensitive stomachs
  • Priced on the higher side

3. D-Mannose plus cranberry probiotic

Check Price On Amazon Now

D- mannose probiotic is one probiotic in the market that many are yet to match. This is among the best probiotics for vaginal health thanks to its unique strains that support digestive, vaginal and urinal health.

This product does not contain gluten or any other additives hence suitable for vegetarian. All the probiotics strains have been thoroughly tested and found to be effective in combating urinary and vaginal infections.

The capsules are able to release live cultures 8-10 hours after intake. This mechanism allows for the better fight again disease-causing bacteria.  The probiotic also contains cranberry extract to enhance its effectiveness against harmful body bacteria.


  • Does not contain artificial additives
  • Suitable for vegetarian users
  • Targets different body systems
  • Gluten and soy-free
  • Contains a good amount of cranberry extracts
  • 10 billion  cultures per serving
  • Releases live cultures up to 10 hours
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • The pack may be containing broken pills

4. Renew Life-Ultimate Flora Probiotics women care

Check Price On Amazon Now

This probiotic contains 10 strains of different probiotics that are excellent in addressing vaginal health as well as urinary git health. The pills are fit for vegetarian users since they do not contain artificial chemicals. The Lactobacillus strains are effective in balancing the bacteria in the vagina and combat yeast infections fast.

The supplement will result in more energy and better health when taken regularly. The capsule has a delayed delivery mechanism which enables it to be more effective in targeted areas.


  • Dosage is a pill per day
  • Can be taken with or without food
  • Recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • All-natural


  • May take  longer to be effective fewer capsules per bottle( around 30)
  • Strong probiotics and may not be suitable for new users
  • Needs refrigeration
  • Priced on the higher side

5. Garden of Life- RAW Probiotics Women

Check Price On Amazon Now

This probiotic is specifically designed to keep your digestive and vaginal health in check regularly. This product also checks into your digestive system to keep you worried less.

It is free of soy and gluten making it suitable for vegetarian consumers. One fact we love about this probiotic is that it comes with the added benefits of vitamins and minerals to promote your general health.

 The bottle contains  85 capsules, the daily dosage is 3 pills.


  • 5 Billion probiotics in a single serving
  • Contains minerals and vitamins
  • Can be taken by vegetarians
  • Soy and gluten-free
  • Supports colon  as well as vaginal health
  • affordable


  • Needs refrigeration to stay fit.

6. vH probiotic with prebiotics and cranberry

Check Price On Amazon Now

The vH probiotics and prebiotics are made to give you complete vaginal care by fighting recurrent infections and promoting vaginal health.

This vH probiotic blends cranberry extract in its natural form to help combat bacterial build-up. Cranberry helps flush out toxins and microbes in the urinary system and reduces your chances of developing urinary tract infection in the future.

The prebiotic strains contained in this vH pack promote the growth of good bacteria in both the reproductive and digestive system. The live cultures work hand in hand with the already existing bacteria in your body to bring about balance and wave off general infections.

vH probiotic ad probiotic is for you if you are looking for a product that will help you forget about yeast infections for good.


  • Designed for women with recurrent yeast infections.
  • Enhanced with cranberry extracts
  • Contains probiotics to promote already existing bacteria in the body
  • One capsule per day
  • Pocket-friendly


  • May not be effective in treating digestive issues.

7. Probiotic Pearls women’s supplement

Check Price On Amazon Now

The probiotic pearl once daily women’s supplement is made for women often suffering from tract infection and have recurrent digestive issues. Additionally, it is also recommended for women seeking to boost their immunity as well as fight stomach acidity.

The probiotic pearls are easy to swallow an unlike most probiotic capsules in the market that are almost impossible to swallow. The pearl is a ¼ inch and you are to take one daily. The packaging is travel-friendly and small enough to fit into your bag effortlessly.

This probiotic combines the three most effective stains against yeast and other vaginal infections.  The pearl is designed with a triple-layer soft gel that protects the strains from heat, air and stomach acid. This way there are reduced chances of culture damage so as to give you the benefits you desire.

This Pearl women supplement is gluten-free. However, this may not be the probiotic for you if you have dietary restrictions of any kind. It is not clearly stated whether it supports a vegetarian diet.


  • Works to relieve digestive upsets
  • Excellent for recurrent yeast infections
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Contains 3 active cultures
  • Contains a triple layer coat for culture protection
  • Pocket- friendly


  • Does not contain any minerals or vitamins
  • Does not contain as many cultures as other brands in the market today
  • Not vegetarian or daily free type of probiotic.

8. Raw Probiotics Women’s Vaginal Care

Check Price On Amazon

This is formulated specially to give relive from vaginal and urinary tract infection, each ingredient is traceable back to the farm the seeds were gotten from, also essential for women in promoting yeast balance.

Raw Probiotics is uncooked and untreated, made from pure organic foods with no binder and fillers, a once-daily once-daily probiotic supplement that contains  Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium (Bifidobacteria) lactis, and others for easy digestive health.

This supplement contains 30 vegetarian capsules that are delicious and chewable, it provides maximum protection against all kinds of vaginal infection. All ingredients are gluten-free, soy-free and clean as well.


  • Supports the immune system
  • Virginal care
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Delivers probiotic-created vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics as well as yeast-digesting enzymes
  • Arrives alive and stays alive up to the end of the expiration date.


9. RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Supplement for Women

Check Price On Amazon

RepHresh probiotic contains 30 oral capsules that can be taken once daily to maintain vaginal health, it contains the strains of probiotic called lactobacillus (L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14) which clinically promote vaginal health by balancing yeast and bacteria. The strains also work to help maintain vaginal flora naturally present in your body for overall feminine health.

This probiotic provides the right supplement to aid the proper function of the body and protect against harmful bacteria, it eliminates feminine odor and unnecessary feminine discomfort.


  • Clinically proven to maintain a healthy vaginal
  • Eliminates odor and feminine discomfort
  • One application lasts up to 3 days
  • Balances yeast and bacteria


  • Does not contain any minerals or nutrients
  • Only used orally
  • A bit pricey

10. Ultimate Flora Bloom Probiotic

Check Price On Amazon

Ultimate flora bloom probiotic is recommended for proper feminine health, it provides maximum protection against infections like GBS, Bladder, and treatment of BV, UTI Treatment, and overall Urinary Health. It can also be used if suffering from unpleasant vaginal odor or excessive discharge.

Ultimate Probiotic works effectively to help restore vaginal health, two tablets daily for quality results. It acts as an antioxidant to refresh and cleanse the body and decreases harmful bacteria, it helps prevent potential infection during pregnancy.

This product also provides fast relief against itching and inflammation of the vaginal, Does not contain wheat, gluten, soybeans egg, fish/shellfish, peanuts/tree nuts.


  • Safe for pregnant women
  • Boosts immunity which reduces risk of Infection
  • Prevents group B Strep
  • Increases performance of the digestive system
  • Does not need to be refrigerated


  • Does not contain minerals and nutrients.

Tips to keep your vagina healthy

  • Do not use scented vaginal pads or tampons. These items may irritate the vaginal area and throw the good bacterial off balance
  • Always change your pad no less than 8 continuous hours of wearing it
  • Avoid douching. Douching does not clean the vagina but depletes the good bacteria
  • Change your inner wears as much as possible if you sweat a lot
  • Avoid wiping yourself from back to front after using the toilet. This is to avoid bacteria spread from the perineum to the vagina.
  • Change your swimming clothes as soon as you are off the swimming pool.

Probiotics . a big role in promoting both vaginal and overall health. The probiotics we reviewed for you have been found to help combat various infections in different systems of the body.

Probiotics, especially those with lactobacillus are known to protect the delicate vaginal environment. Let us know which product worked for you in the comment section below.

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Is the way to a man’s heart really his stomach? – Lifestyle News

The list of things you would need to keep a man is quite endless, if articles and videos and other modes of giving relationship advice are considered [same thing goes for what you would need to keep a woman.]

One of such advice, one which has been floated and posted and told and retold to women over the years is that ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

To impress, get and keep a man, just feed him; the belief goes. Till date, it remains one of the most popular relationship things people say. But is that really the case? Do you really get to a man’s heart through his stomach?


Do you really get to a man’s heart through his stomach? (

Easily, the answer to that, in my opinion, is a no. There are many misguided love advice and relationship myths out there and it is on those lists that this belief belongs, rather than on the list of useful tips to finding love and keeping a really healthy relationship.

ALSO READ: Maybe women are actually worse cheats than men?

As good as your culinary skills are, it won’t take away glaring incompatibilities, character defects, toxic behaviours, and an inability to communicate properly. It also will not give you all the other great characters needed to maintain a relationship.

Cooking skills are good and will come in handy in the relationship if you choose to put them to use, but to pin all your hopes on those skills in your quest for a longlasting relationship is unwise.

A happy couple in their kitchen, cooking.

Knowing how to make meals is good; but not as good as compatibility and a topnotch attitude to life. (Getty)

Your good meal will only get as far into the man’s stomach. You won’t get into his heart as you hoped if you lack other more important relationship traits.

It is to these things –  compatibility, commitment, faithfulness, emotional intelligence, excellence of character, etc –  that the best men pay higher attention to, not your ability to make a tasty meal [out of #500.]

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2m people in Katsina at risk — UNICEF – Lifestyle News

By Bashir Bello 

United Nations Children’s Funds, (UNICEF), on Monday, said about two million people were at risk of meningitis in Katsina State.

UNICEF Country Representative, Peter Hawkins disclosed this during the flag-off of the introduction of Meningitis A vaccine Routine Immunisation in Dutsi Local Government Area of Katsina State.

Hawkins, represented by the Officer in Charge, UNICEF Kano field office, Niyi Oyedokun, said the state in 2018 recorded 1, 321 cases of meningitis across the 34 local government areas of the state.

According to him, “Meningitis is an extremely distressing disease that causes significant loss of life especially in countries located within what is called “the meningitis belt” which consists of almost all the states in Nigeria including Katsina State.

“Katsina, with a projected total population of 8.5 million people has an estimated two million people at risk of meningitis. In 2018, there were 1321 cases of meningitis across 34 LGAs of Katsina State,” Oyedokun said.

The UNICEF Representative, however, harped on the need for continuous sensitisation among people of the state on the importance of the routine immunisation (Meningitis A vaccine inclusive) to prevent their children from the common childhood killer diseases.

“UNICEF is also supporting the state in communicating to caregivers the risk of meningitis and the importance of Meningitis A vaccination.

“UNICEF alongside other development partners supported Katsina State in ensuring that all RI providing frontline health workers have received the requisite training that will enable them to administer this vaccine safely together alongside other vaccines.

“We hope the flag off of the introduction of the Meningitis a vaccine routine immunisation will serve as a laudable milestone in Katsina’s quest to ensure that all its eligible children receive full protection against vaccine-preventable diseases,” Oyedokun said.

Flagging off the introduction of the Meningitis A vaccine routine immunisation and also the maternal, newborn and child health week campaigns, Governor Aminu Bello Masari told the gathering that the campaign which was going on simultaneously in every ward of the 34 local government areas of the state would provide services such as immunisation against childhood killer diseases, Deworming, vitamin A supplementation, screening for malnutrition, birth registration, HIV testing and counselling among pregnant women, childbirth spacing and health education.

The governor also used the occasion to restate the commitment and focus of his government towards strengthening as well as repositioning the health sector of the state to meet the yearnings of the citizens.

In the 2019 budget, Masari said adequate provision had been made for the rehabilitation and upgrading of one primary health care center per ward for the provision of the needed healthcare services at the grassroots level stating that he had assented to the amended law establishing the Primary Health Care Under One Roof, PHCUOR, that will improve coordination, and enhance healthcare service delivery in the state.

Earlier, in his remarks, the Permanent Secretary, Katsina State Ministry of health, Dr. Mustapha Kabir said they were targeting two million children under five years and over 400,000 women who will benefit from the campaign. (Vanguard)

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