Labour Minister Inaugurates 35-man PMAN Caretaker Committee


The Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige has inaugurated a 35-man committee to conduct a new election for the Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria, PMAN.

The minister was speaking when delegates from various states chapters were in his office for the inauguration.

Dr Ngige frowned at the continued factionalisation of the union by a few greedy people who have been taking the association forward. He urge all factions to come together to work for a common purpose for the better of the industry and Nigeria at large.

According to him, ‘I have observed the fictionalization going on in PMAN for over 12-years. Just like there are four chairmen in PDP, which is how PAMN is. But I want that top stop. I have read your reports. It is this ministry that has the mandate to recognise trade unions. Any crisis that has an element of factionalism is about give and take. You have to be democratic in whatever you are doing. The caretaker committee we are setting up must come from both sides. You must work as one. As the popular saying goes…United we stand, divided we fall.’ He advised.

The labour and employment minister further added that with a strong union ‘you can fix rate for any performances. If you have a strong union you will provide employment for the youths and other Nigerians directly or indirectly. Your union is has the power to boost tourism. This union will benefit the government. You will assist us to create jobs. I want to plead with you that the caretaker committee we are going to put in place will continue to preach the doctrine of peace. It will also revitalise the state chapters.

‘In the cause of doing that you will apply the doctrine of democracy. I want to plead with you people to give peace a chance. You have to shade off egos because this is a change government. We know many of you. You people are giants in your own rights. We don’t want you to use those rights to oppress the upcoming ones. We are going to do an amalgamation with those factions. I have to congratulate you people for being dogged and making sure that PMAN association don’t die and it will not die. This caretaker committee will work on conducting a new election for the union. The interim chairman of the committee will be headed by is Kelvin Luciano, the secretary will be appointed in due cause.’ The minister explained.


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