Being branded as an “ashawo” is no fun.

And as much as we hate slut shaming, it’s better to be aware of the 11 things that could accidentally brand you as one.

Being labeled a slut in today’s society is not uncommon. It seems that, these days, just wearing the wrong outfit can come with a slew of ., including many associating you with being a slut—which is just absurd and ridiculous.

So when someone calls you an “ashawo” or a slut, what exactly does it mean?

Ashawo or Slut: a woman who has many casual sex partners.

First of all, to each their own. If someone wants to go out and have a lot of casual sex with people—go for it! As long as it’s safe, that is. But how can someone know your sexual history just by looking at you?

The truth is, they can’t. But they still use that word as if they can. They take a combination of looks and actions and form a conclusion—a conclusion that is more often wrong than it is right. However, actions do speak louder than words.

If you want to go out there and be branded as a slut, be my guest! If you’re someone who is frequently called this name, it might be because you’re doing too many of the following things.

We’ve compiled a list here identifying how to be a slut, and all the things you do that might brand you as one.

#1 Wearing too little clothing.

This is a huge reason many girls are called a slut right out of the gate. Not wearing a whole lot of clothes that have coverage will make you look like you’re just looking to “get some.”

Having your boobs half out of your shirt, for instance, will certainly brand you as a slut.

#2 Talking openly about sex.

It’s one thing to talk about sex openly, but it’s another to be talking about it openly to people you don’t know, or loud enough for other people to hear.

Since sluts are people who allegedly have a lot of sexual partners, talking openly about it may cause people to think you are one.

#3 Having suggestive body language.

Walking with your hips swaying ridiculously, or leaning over and sticking your butt in the air, or even bending over in order to show off your cleavage will always make you look like a slut.

Having any body language that is sexual in nature—shaking your butt scandalously, for instance—is sure to make people think you’re slutty.

#4 Sexting several people.

People talk. If you’re sending raunchy texts and even sending nude or suggestive pictures to a few different people, other people are going to hear about it, and they’re going to think you’re a slut.

It doesn’t matter that you would never actually engage in activities with those people; in the minds of others, if you’re sexting multiple partners, you’re slutty.

#5 Making dirty sexual jokes.

You will be thought of as a slut if you make dirty sex jokes. When people think about you and how much you’re just casually joking about sex, they’re going to assume you must be a pretty sexual person.

And to many, a sexual person = a slut go figure!.

#6 You openly talk about watching por’n.

It’s a shame, really. But if you even mention that you watch porn at all, people will assume you’re a slut.

P’orn watching is usually tantamount to mastur;bation—or at least some type of sexual act.

If you’re openly talking about p’orn, they will think that you are loosey goosey and are hopping into bed with anyone.

They may even start picturing you in po;rn!

#7 You have a lot of friends of the opposite gender.

People may not think these are “just friends,” but perhaps something more.

But when people think of women or men being surrounded with the opposite gender, they immediately think that there must be a reason for it.

Regardless, people are slut shamed for this.

#8 You openly tell people you’re on birth control.

I think there are TONS of women on birth control that have never even seen the opposite gender naked, but if they’re talking about it, people are going to think they’re a slut.

Most people think that the only reason someone needs to be worried about getting pregnant is if they’re having too much sex with too many different people.

In actuality, there are so many other uses for birth control.

However, people will brand you as a slut if you’re talking about being on birth control.

#9 You don’t stop people from touching you inappropriately.

It’s all good fun when your friend slaps your ass jokingly, but it’s another thing entirely when you have people you don’t know very well doing this and you just laugh it off.

People will automatically think that you just like being touched inappropriately, and they will start to think that you’re a slut because of that.

So if you’re someone who is often slapped, groped, and touched anywhere that’s too private for public, you’ll be branded as an Ashawo!!

#10 You share your “number” and it’s slightly high.

There are a lot of reasons that someone could have a higher number of sexual partners that has nothing to do with them being a slut.

Some people just start early and have been in long-term relationships with each person, so it just seems high.

Regardless, if your number is “high” to another person’s standards, they’re going to think of you as a slut simply because they would feel like one if they slept with that many people.

#11 You date a lot of people.

Dating does not mean that you’re getting into bed with every single person you go out with. Some people just like to . the field to get to know what they like and what they don’t like.

But if you’re someone who goes on a lot of dates, people may think you’re sleeping with these people, too.

They have no way of knowing that you leave at the end of the date and go home…where you shove a box of chocolate down your throat and finish off a bottle of wine by yourself, before hopping into your bed—alone.

They’ll think you’re a slut, instead.