Ladies: 230+ Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

If you and your boyfriend are the kind of people that prefer calling each other names other than birth names, you’ll agree with me that it can sometimes be difficult to get an original name to call to call your partner, such a name is expected to be not just cute but lovely and romantic as well, getting stuck up in a cute name rut is the last thing you’ll want to happen to you, trust me, I’ve been there.

One of the ways couples express their love for each other is by the names they call themselves. Sometimes its hard to come up with names that are cute except you want to go with the names that are common. Cute name is one of the great ways to show affection to your special guy! Ofcourse, he probably has an adorable birth name already, but why not give him a special name that he knows only you call him? We have made a list of some cute and adorable cute names to call your boyfriend. Here goes the list

1. Cuddles

2. Angel

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