Home Makeup Ladies: 3 Makeup Brushes You Need to Have

Ladies: 3 Makeup Brushes You Need to Have


Use the right tools! Here are three makeup brushes for your every day need.

1. EYE SHADOW BRUSH2016-08-15-21-48-32--1096559530

Flat shadow brush
Press shadow on lid, This will help look brighter and stay in its place

2. BLENDING BRUSH 2016-08-15-21-50-55-1374124861

Use to apply various color to the crease of lid
Blend well to smooth out any lines between colors
Use to apply highlighter to the brow bone

3. POWDER BRUSH 2016-08-15-21-52-19--320691363

Use for contouring
Use to apply blushUse to apply powder


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