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Ladies: 5 Fashion rules you can now break



For a while now, we have been limited by some fashions rules, but now, we are limitless. See 6 fashion rules you can now break.

Don’t mix prints.

black lady wearing stripe on pattern
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A houndstooth print and polka dots or plaids and stripes can look adorable together. When it comes to pairing prints, the only limit on your creativity is your confidence. If you’re a little shy about breaking this fashion rule, start conservatively by mixing a simpler print with a more complex one. Using different prints with similar color schemes is another sharp way to look amazing while kicking this fashion standard to the curb.

No socks and sandals

black lady wearing stripe on pattern
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Socks and sandals aren’t just for tourists. For the past several years, some of the chicest designers and fashionistas have been pairing tights with open-toed shoes. While we’re not necessarily advising you to pair knee-high white socks with athletic sandals (unless that’s your thing), it’s very possible to make this look work.

Don’t pair black and navy.
Black and navy can look remarkably chic together, and so can black and brown. Contrast weights and textures to add the most dimension to your look, such as pairing a delicate, satin navy top with heavy, black leather pants. For another option, let the similarity of the shades run together a little.

Always match your shoes to your

black lady wearing stripe on pattern
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Sometimes you may feel like matching your shoes and your bag perfectly. However, if your purple suede boots and your black bag are calling your name, you should absolutely feel free to break this rule. Even in the most conservative corporate environments, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with pairing black shoes and a camel bag, or dark shoes with a gray bag.

Say no to double denim.
Wearing a denim shirt, denim jeans, and a denim jacket in perfectly matched hues could make you look like a minimalist, but pairing a chambray shirt with dark-wash jeans is super-chic. You should absolutely break this rule year-round.



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