What makes a woman attractive? Is attractiveness all about beauty?

The truth is the ability to stay attractive isn’t easy and the simple secret is just taking care of yourself inwardly and outwardly.

It’s not about having the perfect body shape or legs, being happy always and kind to everyone would make you more attractive than ever.

Inspired by YourTango, here are 5 things you can learn from very attractive women.

1. They love to keep their brains stimulated: These women are not the type to seat and watch TV, they’ll rather listen to music or read a book.

2. They surround themselves with good friends: They take time to connect with friends and don’t wait a long time before keeping in touch with their good friends.

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3. They make out time for themselves to do nothing: They try as much as possible to create a balance between the hectic work life and resting period.

4. They live fully in the present: They love to go out and have fun, participate in several fulfilling activities rather than spending time on social media.

5. They don’t joke with their sleep: Bedtime is a priority for highly attractive women.


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