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Ladies: > Are 3 Best Ways To Handle Emotional Rejection



Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

The above is the title of a bestseller . John Gray, explaining the way men and women act differently and why.

Inemesit Udodiong delves into an area of these differences on yesterday’s episode of her weekly show  “Love s*x and Everything Else” where she discusses the way women react when faced with emotional rejection.

Obviously many men have become almost numb to emotional rejection because they have experienced it on several occasions.

Men are generally expected to ask women out, and often when they do so, they get rejected.

Women, on the other hand are used to dishing out the rejection. So, when the table turns and they get rejected, experience has shown that they do not know how to handle it, with many taking it the wrong way and reacting to it terribly.

According to Inem, who gave a detailed explanation on the matter, the best way for females to handle rejection is majorly . being honest with their feelings.

Swiftly activating the ‘self-pity’ or ‘regret’mode isn’t advisable, she says.

A reconsideration of the manner of approach is needed, alongside other points well discussed in the session which you can watch >.

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