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Ladies: > Are Some Things Your Boo Wants In Bed



Talking dirty

Yes, you have that liberty! Or, at the very least, make some encouraging moans to let him know when he’s hitting the right spot.


Wear sexy lingerie

Next to sexy looks, a man loves to view his woman in sexy lingerie, even if he will soon rip it off and toss it on the floor!

. along

If he wants to . out a fantasy or try a new position, be open enough to tag along.

Engage in foreplay

Don’t be fooled . guys you see in movies who are always raving to go and ready to screw like ‘right now.’ Truth is, men love to take it slowly, step . step, until they get to the real act and crash out in earth-shattering climax.


Don’t ever be afraid to change things up. Early morning s*x before hitting the road, s*x in the showers, s*x on the dining room table… Any man will be grateful for that!

Seeing you climax

Realize that s*x is not all about your man. So, let him know what you want at any point in time.

Taking  initiative

In general, men make the first move when it comes to s*x and relationship. However, when you initiate s*x, it shows you’re as eager to have s*x as they are. So, do it quite often.

Let him hear his name

Sexologists say nothing keeps a man in the moment like the sound of his own name! Use that to your advantage.

Have a sense of humour

Sometimes, even the best of men fails in bed occasionally, your ability to laugh it off makes the difference.


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