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LADIES!! Better Ways To Show A Man You Like Him & MELT HIS HEART



1. Start with a smile
Our first tip on how to let a guy know you like him is simply to smile. Nothing will light up your face and say ‘let’s talk’ quite like a smile. Whenever he is around you or looks at you, you can communicate so much, just with a smile. It’s a great and subtle way to relax him and get him talking, just don’t overdo it though and make it look genuine.

2. Invade his space
Another simple way to suggest that you’d like to more than just an acquaintance is by getting a bit closer to him. Not right up in his face, that will scare him off, but sit or stand closer to him than you would do normally and it will give him the right message.

3. Use the woman’s touch
If you know the guy as a friend, then give him a big hug the next time you meet or, if you haven’t even got that far yet, a touch on his arm when you laugh at his jokes. Making physical contact, however slight, shows how comfortable you are with him and that maybe you want more.

#4. Give him some compliments
Men love to have their egos stroked, so make sure that it’s you doing the stroking! You can do this really subtly by just commenting on a new shirt that he is wearing or if he’s had his hair cut. You can even comment on his personality with words like ‘Oh, you’re so funny’.

5. Make sure he knows you are single
Next tip on how to let a guy know you like him is to make sure he knows that you are single. Some guys will just assume that you’re in a relationship, so put his mind at rest on this one fast! Get the message across in some subtle hints like you’d love to go the movies, but you have no one to go with.

6. Show an interest in him
You need to take the conversation beyond the simple pleasantries if you want to make a connection with a guy, so it’s time to move on from discussing the weather. Dig a bit deeper and find out what his hobbies and interests are and look interested when he tells you.

7. Ask him for help
If you have a problem, then ask him for his help. If you don’t have a problem, make one up! Guys love coming to a girls rescue and it will show that you trust him or value his opinion. Ask him for a favor, like a ride into work, or get him to help you lift something, that’s always a good one.

8. Laugh at his jokes
Another good tip on how to let a guy know you like him is, if he cracks a joke, be sure that you are the first to laugh! Show him that there is a connection between you and you share the same sense of humor and he will warm to you very quickly.

9. Ask for his phone number
Asking for his phone number is not a blatant chat-up move; it could be purely a friendly gesture. On the other hand, it will probably get his mind whirring as he tries to work out the true meaning behind your asking.

10. Talk softly to him
If you talk quietly to him, he’ll have to lean in closer to hear you. It also makes things seem a lot more personal, almost like you a sharing a secret and that way he’ll get the message that it’s him you want to talk to, not everyone else.

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