There are a lot of advantages for a woman who eventually marries a man who can cook. Some of them are;

1. The woman have truly found a helper who can help out with the cooking especially when she is tired or pregnant.

2. A man who cooks atimes and serves to the wife cultivates a romantic relationship that adds flavor to the marriage.

3. There is a less need for a house help, thereby reducing the chance of having intruders in the home.

4. The husband and wife shares food ideas in the kitchen thereby strengthening the bond between them.

5. The wife can always fall back on the sweet dishes of the husband especially when she seeks for variety. This will help the woman eat more because a lot of women eat more when the food is prepared by someone else.

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6. For a man to know how to cook is a sign of strength and the spirit of independence which is indispensable for a man to have control over his family.

7. Add yours!

With these points of mine, I believe I have convinced you that it is of immense advantage that man knows how to cook! 



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