So, you are into this guy and he seems into you as well. But, dude wont just take the brave step of asking you out. Damn! You are so worried and you think you are not doing some things right. You are probably wrong, here are several possible reasons that may be keeping him from taking that next step with you.

1. He already has a steady girlfriend, a woman he lives with, or a wife.

2. He doesn’t want to date or get into a relationship right now.

3. He’s just boosting his own ego by flirting or texting with you and others.

4. He thinks you’re attractive and fun, but not his type.

5. He’s fantasizing about you without physically cheating on another woman.

So girl, pick up yourself and walk away, you are not an option. A man that wants you would speak up….INFORMATION NIGERIA says so!


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