Do you know what turns a man off? Well, there are certain qualities of a woman which would generally drive any man crazy in the wrong way.

Do you know what kind of woman men generally look for? Well, it is difficult to generalise this but intelligent, witty, beautiful, sensual, wise, mature, broadminded, kind, affectionate and grounded women would turn any man on.

Though all of the above qualities can’t be in a single person, men generally look for some of the above qualities in a woman. Now, let us discuss what men hate…

Poor Personal Hygiene: Anybody would hate to date a person with poor personal hygiene. It would be an unpleasant experience. If you go out to meet someone without even taking a bath, it speaks volumes about your habits, right?

Argumentative Mindset: A person who picks up arguments at the drop of the hat would turn anybody off. So, this is one of the qualities that would turn men off.

So-Story Telling: A woman who cries all the time and plays the victim in all situations would turn off any man. A sob story teller would scare a man.

The Addict: Drinking and smoking are fine but a woman who is addicted to both may turn any man off. In fact, an addict would be a turn off whether its a man or a woman.

The Gossip Monger: Gossip mongers do carry negative energy with them. Talking about the personal lives of others is like spreading negative energy and that’s why they turn any man off.

The Lazy Types: Laziness is like a disease. It can turn anybody off. An active and energetic person is a turn on whereas laziness is a turn off.

The Nagging One: A nagging woman is the biggest nightmare of any man. Keep complaining about everything on this planet and your man would run away.

The Divisive Politics: A racist, sexist or biased opinionated woman would scare any man or woman away as such qualities indicate narrow mindedness.

The Shopaholic: An independent woman who blows her own money away is a turn on but a woman who is waiting to burn the money of a man for her own pleasure would be a turn off again.

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