We often wonder why men are scared of being committed. This has been a topic of discussion since ages. Freedom means different things for different men. For some, the main joy of a relationship is ‘challenge’. They happily pursue a woman as long as they don’t have her, but once they do, they start feeling suffocated.

Once the woman gets serious in the relationship, men tend to feel trapped and imprisoned. They often feel that once the woman has them, they would turn into puppets and lose masculinity. It is generally more about power game. The one who is stronger is the one who needs less.

These men need to be in control of their power as the feeling of dependency starts to grow. This makes them feel less attached to the other person and results in a breakup.

We here at media254.com are going to share five unique reasons why men are scared of being committed. Read on to know more….

He Is Never Ready For The Next Step: When men generally hear the word ‘commitment’, they immediately picture their freedom being taken away. They tend to imagine being surrounded by commitments and responsibilities. This scares them from getting committed.

There Is Somebody Else: Men love to flirt; they try to maintain the same level of relationship with many partners without getting committed to any one of them. Committing to a single person might take away their freedom. So, they avoid it. This is one of the main reasons why men are scared of commitment.


Focused On Priorities: If a guy is focused on his goals and priorities, there are chances that he might feel he is still not ready for commitment. He will be okay with a few phone conversations and a few movie dates. He will generally be clear in his words before committing anything. One needs to respect that.

Scared Of Being Hurt: If he has had a bad past, he will be hesitant towards being committed. He may fear that he may go through the same pain and agony even with you. This is one of the main reasons for him to back out.

Too Much Pressure: One can never force the other person to be in a relationship. Constantly nagging and bugging your boyfriend about commitment may backfire. You can talk about your desire for a long term relationship only when you see him get serious about you. Otherwise, you would just jack yourself.

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