Marriage is not only a pompous celebration. It comes with many responsibilities. In India, the society is patriarchal. So, men are supposed to take the responsibilities of wife and children after marriage. But, in the present day situation, this concept may not fit. In today’s world, both men and women are sharing responsibilities equally to take the bond further.

If both have equal liability, do you know why men prefer to marry late? You are in a relationship for a long time. Now, your parents are pressurising you to get married. When you ask for your boyfriend’s opinion, he may say he is not prepared, or he doesn’t want to marry early. Without misunderstanding him, search for the actual reason. Maybe, it is his financial condition or his burdens. But if he is continuously avoiding the matter, even the discussion, then there can be something fishy.

Why do men prefer to marry late? Actually, there can be lots of reasons. It is not an easy task to figure out the exact reason. Every man is different from the other. So, each of them will have their own personal reasons. Here are 10 reasons why men prefer to marry late-

1. To Concentrate On Career: It is true that there is a certain age for marriage. But there is no age limit to zoom off in career. So, there are many men who choose career over anything. Marriage is always the 2nd option for them.

2. Enjoy Freedom: Why do men prefer to marry late? Obviously, they don’t wish to let go of their freedom at an early age. Many men believe that marriage is the barrier to enjoy their life as they want. So, there is no doubt that they want to marry late.

3. Family Responsibilities: Don’t blame your mate for not showing interest in marriage. He must be waiting to get his sister married, or a brother to get settled. So, this may not be the right time for him to think only of himself.

4. Financial Burden: Many men will agree with this point. They have to give good amount of their salary at home. Rest is not enough to perform marital responsibilities. So, they stay away from an early marriage.


5. Financial Instability: Even if a man doesn’t have to perform any financial duties if he is not financially stable at early age, he might not feel like marrying soon. Men need time to sum up their career as well as life. So, it’s obvious that they want time.

6. Have More Options: Are you thinking of 10 reasons why men prefer to marry late? Actually, they don’t want to go for serious commitments. Life is full of surprises. Who knows when you will get your soulmate? So, boys keep themselves open for more options.

7. Avoid Risks Of Divorce: This is a very important reason for men to postpone wedding. If problems occur after marriage and divorce is the only solution, the wife can demand alimony. Many men don’t want such hazards early in life.

8. Stay Away From Responsibilities: Yes, this is very true. There are men who often try to escape from the responsibilities of marriage. They don’t like all the knick-knacks of a wedding bond. So, they prefer not to marry early.

9. Have More Physical Relations: This is not true for all, but applicable to many. Men like to have s’εx. So, they prefer to have physical relations without any burden. After marriage, one can’t do so. So, their point is to stay away from it at an early age.

10. Stay Away from Wife’s Waffle: This is one of the 10 reasons why men prefer to marry late. Any son would take lessons from his father’s life. So, he won’t fall into the trap so early. Yes, there are several reasons for men to tie the wedding knot very early. There must be some valid reasons for that. But sometimes, they just want to run away from it. So, it is for the girls who are in a relationship to find out the actual reasons. If you see there is something wrong, there will be still time to move on.

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