When you can not stop the effect of time on the bo.obs, you can slow down. bo.obs-in-red-bra In the forties not have br.easts than they did 20 years ago, not as strong and not as it once formed. That does not mean that you should not worry about their brea.sts. When you can not stop the effect of time on the bre.ast, you can slow down. For example, by providing them not to hurt the following activities that cause decline and loss of strength.

1. Weight loss, weight gain If you are a victim of all sorts of diets and the subsequent yo-yo effect, certainly not conducive to team bust. Constantly re-sizing fact causes the skin and the tissues become weaker and are more susceptible to the effects of gravity.

2. Smoking Skin that ensures firmness in breasts caused by smoking does not receive enough oxygen through the blood stream and thus rapidly ages and loses elasticity.

3. Ignoring cream with UV factor The sun’s rays also act on our definition. So be sure to protect because UV rays accelerate aging. And thus the loss of strength.

4. Wearing incorrect bra Bra your bre.asts should provide sufficient support. Otherwise they will dance in movement and thus tightens the skin and scroll down


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