If a woman who has been successful in her marriage for about 30 years is telling your reality on how you as a young woman can get married and enjoy marital bliss, the right thing you should do for yourself is listen, rather than trying to puncture her words and look for escape routes for yourselves.

Dear ladies, don’t get married to a man today and come tomorrow to tell us that you are not respecting him just because he is not showing you enough love. If you are SINCERE that he’s not showing you love, then you are wrong to have married him in the first place.

But the truth is, your man was indeed showing you love, but something went wrong…

The thing a real wife should do is find out WHY is my man no longer showing me love the way it was before, and not for you to start competing with your husband; you will just make your own life miserable.

If you are not ready to accept a man as your head, you are not ready to be a wife. Marry your friend and make sure you guys remain friends, so you will not find it hard to accept him as your head. That’s it!


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