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Ladies: Signs You Are Allergic To s*x



Can a woman be allergic to s*x? A small number of women do develop an allergy to proteins in semen. But way often a burning swollen, red v**ina is an allergic type of . to using condoms and lubricants. Women sometimes assume that it’s the latex in the condom that’s irritating them. But really it’s more likely the spermicide in the condom that’s making you react.

There are condoms without spermicide but obviously they’re less effective at preventing a pregnancy. So how can you get relief? Apply a cold compress right down in the middle and take a Benadryl to try to relieve some of the swelling and the itchiness.

Its also wise to rule out other causes of vaginal irritation such as a sexually transmitted disease like herpes or menopause which is associated with more vaginal dryness. If the irritation continues, call your gynaecologist as soon as possible

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