You wear your underwear every day and that’s okay, but you better get it right on your wedding night.

Some ladies’ underwear drawers are the most boring places in the world, because all they have are dozens of pairs of the same thing in different colours. Please  🙄 🙄


4 types of underwear you shouldn't be caught in on your wedding night



As your big day fast approaches- hey, congratulations! Chances are you haven’t given what underwear to wear a thought. Underwear seems very unimportant. You buy it, wash it, wear it, and repeat. If this describes you, you need to start paying your underwear more attention.

You shouldn’t be caught in ANY of these underwear on your wedding night.
1. Old Underwear

Let by gone be by gone. Old things have passed away and all things have become new. If you have old panties, please ditch them. No matter how comfortable they are.

5 underwear you shouldn't be caught in on your wedding night



2. Oversized Underwear

Hot granny panties? Errrr, no thanks!


5 underwear not to be caught in on your wedding night



3. Ugly Underwear

Do we even need to go into details? No male boxer shorts, or ‘tights’. You get the idea.

4. Already worn Underwear

Issa no please 🙄. You should be smelling as clean, fresh and seductive as possible!


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