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LADIES; This Unbelievable Method Has Proven To Make Big BO OBS Smaller



Ladies With Big Bo obs, This Is How To Make Them Smaller 

So I just read something on here about a girl who wished she could have bigger bo obs. Well, this is the opposite. I can’t stand my bo obs! I’m only 14 and they are gigantic! It’s really weird and awkward for me because I hear all these girls saying they want bigger bo obs and I’m like NO you don’t! But they never listen!

I had heard something one time before, that you can stop br*ast growth with something like a food or something… is this true? They are still growing! Also, if that isn’t bad enough… 1. My parents are really big on the “not showing too much skin” and since I have big bo obs, I can’t wear more than half of my wardrobe! I feel like a… sausage!! 2. I can’t run in a regular bra without having them jump around and I’m very active. I don’t want to wear a sports bra my whole life!

I feel awful! No amount of boys liking me will help either! Help?!

I’m going to tell you the same thing I told this girl who has the opposite problem: there’s no reason for you to hate your big bo obs! I know right now you feel totally awkward about them and you don’t know how to deal – and that’s normal. But I promise one day you’ll grow into them and you’ll probably even learn to love them, as crazy as that might sound right now.

As much as you want to shrink your br*asts, that isn’t going to be possible unless you have plastic surgery – contrary to what you read online, there is no magic food that will make them smaller. Having br*ast reduction surgery is a big deal, and isn’t something you should be considering at such a young age. If in a few years your bo obs are really hurting your back or really getting in the way of things, then you could think about it. But since surgery changes your body forever, you should first try to learn to feel comfortable with yourself.

That being said, I know finding clothes that fit or sports bras that really work can be very difficult with larger br*asts. But it’s not impossible! If you don’t want to show off too much of the girls, steer clear of low-cut shirts like V-necks. If you want to wear those, cute tank tops should become your new best friends. Layer them under pretty much anything – they’ll cover you up, and layering is totally chic.

As for the sports bra issue, you’re unfortunately going to have to invest in a good one in order to . sports and run around. But don’t freak out – every athlete should be wearing sports bras when they’re being active.

I know it’s hard to learn to accept your body, but try not to feel too uncomfortable about your bo obs. Obsessing over them is only going to make you feel worse – feel lucky about what you have! There are a lot of girls who would love bigger br*asts, so remember that the grass is always greener on the other side.



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