Be his personal private Love Peddler: Don’t be deceived, every man wants his wife to be a s’εx-maniac for him in the bεdroom and the more timid you are the greater the chance of losing him so give him real good in the bεdroom and zip him down when he least expects it and blow that trumpet so good and make his head spin and trust me, he will run home to you everyday.

A good cook: If you know how to cook your man’s favourite food and you really take time out to ask him what his favourite is and you go out of your way to learn the act of preparing such food in the best way he likes for him whenever he wants it then you have secured him 50%.

Financial independence: Please if you are a “full housewife” reading this I guess its time to free yourself from perpetual insult, get something doing no matter what and even if you are not allowed to do an office thing just try and get something doing because nothing trips a man than a financially independent lady even if you do not spend a dime on the home front, the fact that you have something doing that brings home money is good enough. And for those who . to their hubby’s gallery of sit at home order, be ready to be mocked by same man when there is a tilt in his emotional balance.

Humility: It is so s’εxy to have a sweet humble lady who is non abusive to her hubby and his family, a humble woman will be full of respect and adoration for her hubby and even people around her and it’s very difficult for any-man to do away with a humble non abusive woman.

Sεxμal decency
A woman who is sεxμally decent with her hubby and does not give room for the hubby to point an accusing finger at her is a delight to every man. A man gets turnεd 0n even more with the mindset that he is the only one having access to that honey comb but a s’εxμally indecent woman is a curse to herself and the hubby.

Fear of GOD: A woman who fears GOD is a delight to her entire household and she will be a strong pillar for her husband and family. Her ways will be pleasing to GOD and apparently pleasing to her man.

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