Lady Reveals How She Discovered That A Man Asking Her Out Is Married

A Nigerian lady identified as Abigail Chinazaekpere Chukwu has revealed how she shockingly discovered that the man asking her out is a married man.

In a Facebook post she shared, Abigail stated that while she was a student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, the man use to visit her but only at night.

She said she discovered his marital status when she saw an old marriage souvenir is with the man’s picture on it.

“I remember one guy that was chyking me then in awka sometime around 2015.

For two years, he was on my case.

His name is Onyeka.

He was so nice eh. He would park in front of my hostel in the night and we will talk and talk and talk into the night.

For some reason, I didn’t want to date him. So we stayed friends, and he kept asking me out.

In 2017, I went for a church program where I was among the choir.

One igbo ministers event like that at Emmaus House.

While we were jotting down the message when one Bishop was preaching, I missed a point, so I took the note of the girl sitting next to me to see the point I missed.

It was a wedding souvenir.

You want to guess who was on the front page and had been married since 2013?”


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