‘Lady Spots Fresh Boy On Social Media And Decides to Make A Move On Him But It Ended In Tears

A handsome man on Twitter posted a new photo of himself looking dapper with an interesting caption to go with. Moments later, his post started attracting comments from friends and ‘strangers’ from all angles.

One of the commenters was a beautiful lady who spotted what looks like a wedding ring on the guy’s finger. She reacted by saying she hopes the ring on his finger is not a wedding band to which the guy answered in the negative.

The lady then made her move by asking if she can be the opportunity to check up on him every morning and evening but the guy brushed her advances off albeit politely.

Thi is what ensued: “Are you looking for someone to send you good morning and goodnight messages? Or should I keep scrolling?” the woman asked.

“Keep scrolling my dear!” the man responded.

The woman took it cooly by simply writing: “Ok dear.”

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

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