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Late Son is indebted to ‘Ajo’ collectors — Father

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The father of the late Nigerian singer, Promise Oladimeji Aloba otherwise known as Mohbad, has expressed his sorrow over his son’s financial difficulties before his untimely demise.

Mohbad passed away last Tuesday and was laid to rest on Wednesday in Ikorodu, Lagos, where he was interred on the only plot of land owned by his family.

However, since the tragic event, numerous controversies have arisen surrounding the circumstances of Mohbad’s sudden death.

In a viral Update circulating online, the grieving father, Joseph Aloba, shared the financial challenges his son had faced despite his status as a rising star in the music industry.

Mr. Aloba revealed that Mohbad had encountered severe financial strains and had resorted to participating in thrift contributions, commonly known as ‘Ajo,’ during tough times.

Furthermore, Aloba disclosed that his son had to borrow money from some of these ‘Ajo’ collectors to fund his son’s naming ceremony.

Tragically, the only piece of land that Mohbad’s family owned was the one where he was laid to rest, as all efforts to develop the property had proved futile.


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