How was your weekend, I hope you all had a swell time? This week our aso ebi styles, dare I say are the bomb, they are simple but gorgeous with each intricate detail, each of this little details are what makes each piece  unique in its right, so brace yourself as you view 8 of the hottest aso ebi style from over the weekend. These styles can be worn for various occasions from weddings to an event. They are latest aso ebi style you don’t want to miss out on.


Love this three toned aso ebi style, this aso ebi is sewn into a 10 piece elbow sleeve floor length dress paired with a head gear of matching colors.


This two toned style is unique with its intricate designs and details, paired with silver accessories the over all look is perfection.


Another aso ebi two toned look with so much details that gives it the needed amp.


A lovely aso ebi floor length style paired with silver accessories.


Blue and pink seem to be the color of the century, this aso ebi style is simply gorgeous.

A yellow and cream lace gives off an ethereal look once its paired and sewn correctly.


A gorgeous and well designed crop top and floor length train skirt.


This next level aso ebi style is glamorous and bold.

kathy anthony

I hope you’ve gotten wonderful I inspirations from the latest aso ebi styles.

What do you think about this latest aso ebi style? hit or miss. Leave all . in the comment box below.


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