There is always something new in the world of fashion and there is always a style choice for everyone, below is an array of aso ebi styles. These aso ebi styles are minimal but yet they are still able to grab hold of a persons attention, now that’ts the kind of style i would love to rock to the next wedding am invited to, what about you? View the styles below and be inspired.I absolutely love this two way piece, you could either make it work with the Ankara jacket or without, pure perfection.


The cut out is what makes this dress different from the norm, the placement on this six piece dress is really beautiful and interesting at the same time.

dress by @maisondehelen

This bou bou is made simple with a slimmer flap sleeve, the gorgeous chiffon material and the fact that t is flow length makes this a wardrobe worthy style.


This is simply fabulous, black and pink mixed in such a beautiful way, this style is very detailed and should be shown to an expert.


The beauty of these design lies in the sheer fabric, the finishing touch appears elegant.


A plain crop top paired with a splashed white wrap is unique.


This dress is so simple at first until you get to see the large cut-out and bunny back which moves it to a whole new level.


This dress has a lot of detail  but the best is the embellished Low cut off-shoulder V back.

All these aso ebi styles are amazing don’t you think so, your . would be much appreciated.


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