Attending weddings is now a part of us that we can’t even fathom why, though we attend weddings to have fun, network, make new friends and meet old friends. But why is the asoebi style an outfit for wedding, gathering or other events? Honestly i am yet to get answers from fashionista’s that i know slays the asoebi styles for owambe everyday and i’m still asking any fashionista i come across with but one thing is for sure asoebi styles resonate well and party rockers do not wear one asoebi style for two events.

Going for owambe is also an avenue for keeping yourself updated about the asoebi styles, you know it wouldn’t be nice of you go for an owambe dressed in an oudated style. Though you can still be updated through instagram and social platform like beautygists, so here we are to bring you the up-to-date asoebi styles that was trending on instagram this past weekend. If you are our ardent reader you should be up-to-date with asoebi styles because we always bring beautiful asoebi styles for you to take to your tailor for your next event, scroll down to see;






This week asoebi styles that trended on instagram are so much and all beautiful that we even had a hard time picking ones to share with you that will inspire and motivate you for your next wedding or event. This asoebi styles are up-to-date and can be rocked at any given time to any event, you don’t need to accessorise too much if you are wearing a beautiful asoebi style because the style alone can accessorise itself.

Which of this asoebi styles do you like the most? Leave your . below.




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