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Latest Wedding Outfit Styles For Nigerian Men |Lifestyle


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We are going to explore new outfit styles to keep you updated as regards what to wear to a wedding.

There are various ways to dress to a wedding party as a guest. One has to consider the setting of the wedding, location, and time of the wedding.

Yes, looking good is every man’s dream but having taste for looking good is solely for guys who are cool with creative combination.

You do not have to break the bank to stand out. A little touch in your styles will give you that appearance you desire.

What To Wear To A Wedding

As a guest at a wedding, if you are given a dress code you don’t need to bother much on looking for best attire to make you look different.

  1. Suits
  2. Casual Wears
  3. Senator Styles
  4. Agbada/Babariga Styles
  5. Kaftan (Atiku) Styles

What To Wear To A Wedding: Suits


Men who put on suits to a wedding always stand out only when the wedding is in a formal setting.

Rocking a standard suit commands respect for men who make a proper selection.


What To Wear To A Wedding: Senator Attire


This is one of the leading outfits in Nigeria. Senator attire is the outfit which makes you unique when you carefully select a perfect style that suits a wedding.

Uniqueness is not always about wearing something that is completely different, but about spotting a style that is admiring to you and just for you.


This outfit is best for any man planning to attend a wedding in a traditional or informal area, as it makes you stand out, and you don’t have to apply for a loan to get it.


This outfit can be stylishly worn if properly selected and well made. The art of manliness is shown in this design. you can rock it to a wedding party mostly in an unofficial setting.

What To Wear To Wedding: Agbada/Babariga


Agbada, a Yoruba attire, is widely worn by prominent Nigerians and African men.

It shows a genuine look and elegance.


This Nigerian attire is a sensational dress that easily catches attention from a near or afar distance. It showcases the Africa heritage and also makes men putting it on to grace any kind of wedding to look exceptionally different and stand to be counted.

Types Of Agbada/Babariga


There are various types of Agbada/Babariga

  • Long sleeved Inner
  • Short Sleeved Inner
  • Long Agbada
  • Kneel Size.
  • Mismatched Agbada
  1. Long Sleeved Inner: This is a kind of Agbada which the inner sleeve is a long sleeve worn under the outer Agbada garment.


Long sleeve inner is best for any formal or official wedding. It is the best choice when you are making a selection of outfit as well as the choice of the type of (Babariga) to wear to storm any wedding occasion.

2. Short Sleeved Inner: This is another style of this cultural attire. It is mostly elbow friendly.


The Short Sleeve outfit befits wedding ceremony that is less official. It is best to wear a short-sleeved Agbada to any wedding where you are not the major focus.


Short-sleeved inner serves as a suitable taste by adding a kneel-sized Agbada to it. With or without sunglasses, your presence will be warmly noticed. It is a standard outfit for any wedding occasion.


3. Long Agbada: This is designed for modern-day men, but they are most preferably worn by men of authority because of its formal appearance.


It is a style which looks cool on guests at weddings.

4. Kneel Size Agbada: As the name implies, it is sewn not below or above the kneel.


This is a trending style of Agbada which can give you the elegant look without consulting any stylist to choose for you.


Kneel-sized Agbada should be accompanied with a short sleeve inner.

5. Mismatched Agbada Outfit: The most common instance of the mismatched Agbada design is an instance where the inner shirt and trousers match while the outer garment remains completely different.


This mismatched agbada outfit is well recognised and most times, rare.

Rock this attire in your own style to give you the unimaginable recognition from all.

What To Wear To A Wedding: Kaftan


Kaftan is also known as Atiku. It is a set of clothing that provides a lasting memory for men. It is another art of manliness for men who choose to change their style of dressing by not wearing a suit, casual wears, Senator or Agbada to wedding.


Kaftan gives you an attractive look, providing that it matches the dress code or the setting of the wedding.


Atiku is a special dressing which you can rock on any footwear of your choice.

You can wear it with leather palm, shoes or sanders.

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Latest Wedding Outfit Styles For Nigerian Men |Lifestyle

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