Lauryn Hill Reacts To Daughter, Selah’s Post About Childhood Trauma

Lauryn Hill and Selah
Veteran singer, Lauryn Hill has reacted to revelations of daughter, Selah about growing up in fear of her mother and the accompanying childhood trauma which still haunts her.

Lauryn Hill

Recall that Selah had in an Instagram live session spoken about her growing up and her father’s absentia attitude, having an abusive mother amongst other issues.

Her mother, the famed singer has now reacted to the revelations and how she herself has been coping with the stated issues.

Lauryn Hill wrote, “My life has been about protecting my children from all kinds of danger, and that’s only possible when you protect yourself from the danger as well.

“We’re both learning and healing, and each of my children has a similar story and journey. All of you in a rush to crucify someone, careful who you string up or nail up. You might have an extremely limited view of the actual reality.

“We all hate abuse and exploitation, sometimes in an effort to fight against it we can easily become the abuser, the exploiter, and THIS is what we have to watch for. No one is exempt from needing to watch themselves in this way.

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“An entire operation trying to break an artist with a voice and knowledge of herself– way ahead of her time– was in motion. I was affected, my family was affected, my children were affected.

“When I realized that the pressure on me was so incredibly hypocritical and unfair, criminal even, that even my children weren’t allowed to be children, I stepped away.”

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