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Leadership lacking in Kannywood – Shamsu Dan’iya

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Shamsu Nasir, popularly known as Shamsu Dan’iya, stars in Kannywood and has already been featured in many movies, one of which is a popular series movie named Alaqa that is produced by his director, Ali Nuhu. In this brief interview with IBRAHIM HAMISU in Kano, he speaks about his history and achievements in his 14th year in Kannywood.

Background/the beginning

My name is Shamsu Nasir Dan’iya, but I am better known as Shamsu Dan’ iya. I was born in Kaduna state, I grew up there and I had both my primary and secondary education in Kaduna. Thereafter, I came to Kano to do my diploma. After this, I proceeded to Maryam Abacha American University where I attained a degree in Mass Communication.

How did you find yourself in Kannywood?

I started as a sound engineer and then I gradually started producing my own films.

What year did you join Kannywood?

I joined Kannywood in 2009.

What exactly did you start with at the time?

I started as a sound engineer, as I earlier mentioned, for a movie Dadin Baki which was produced by Aminu Saira.

Can you recall your first movie?

I started with the movie, Sa’a 2, produced by Rasheeda Adamu Abdullahi, Mai Saa’s company.

How many movies have you done so far?

Honestly speaking, they are many, but here are some of them: Shakka, Bani da zabi, Gamu mu nan dai, Garbati, Kar ki manta dani, Sareena, Mijin yarinya, Aisha, Kanina.

Which one among the lot would you never forget?

I can never forget the movie, Kar ki manta dani, because I won several awards for it.

What have been your achievements so far?

Alhamdulillah, I have had many successes, among which are the City People Award and Amma Award, and I am happy with them.

What have been your challenges in the industry?

In as much as a human being is alive, challenges are inevitable. So, they exist.

Who is your role model in Kannywood?

I look up to my mentor; a talented actor, director and producer, Ali Nuhu.

Who was your first girlfriend?

(Laughs): My first girlfriend was Zarah.

Any plans for marriage yet?

Regarding marriage, all I can say is that I am almost ready. I am planning to do it soon.

What worries you about Kannywood?

The main thing that annoys me is the lack of leadership in the industry.

What makes you happy?

The thing that makes me happy is to see myself at work with a camera mounted before me and other actors.

How do you see series movies now in Kannywood, is it a progress or setback?

Honestly, in my opinion, I see them as progress.

What is being done in Kannywood that you think should be corrected?

The thing that I think should be stopped in Kannywood is spending a lot of time on social media which is not yielding any positive results.

What is your dream in the Kannywood industry?

My biggest dream in the Kannywood Industry is to become a director.

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