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Leah Sharibu: Father Blames Buhari Govt For Daughter’s Continued Stay With Insurgents


Leah Sharibu

President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has been blamed for the continued stay of Leah Sharibu in captivity of the Boko Haram insurgents.

Concise News reports that the father of Leah Sharibu, Nathan, made this known on Tuesday in commemoration of her daughter’s two years in captivity.

“It is due to their lapses that my daughter is spending two years in captivity, and there is no assurance up till now,” he said.

Speaking further, Nathan pleaded with the President to fulfil his promise of ensuring that Leah regained her freedom.

He said, “I have a special message for him. Mr Buhari, who is the Nigerian President, is a father and he is a grandfather; his administration has assured us – the family – that they would do their possible best to ensure that my daughter is released.”

“He also promised the nation and almost promised the whole world that his administration will do its possible best to ensure that those in captivity are released.

“So, I’m pleading with him now to fulfil his promise; I’m begging him,” Nathan told Channels Television.


According to Leah’s father, the abduction of his daughter has been a major concern for members of the family in the last two years.

He added that the health condition of the girl’s mother has been unstable, stressing that she goes to the hospital almost every week.

Nathan was worried that the government has yet to make any contact with him since 2020, although he noted that they once received a delegation sent by the President.

He thanked the international community for their efforts so far and asked them to pressure the Nigerian government to secure his daughter’s release.

“Personally, the Federal Government has not contacted me, except in October 2020 when the Minister for Information and Culture and other two ministers came to my house in Dapchi, to represent the President himself to condole with us and assured that the administration is doing its possible best to ensure that my daughter returns home safely.

“Since then, I did not hear anything from them up till this time; no result at all. I am 100 per cent assured that my daughter is still alive and one day, she will come home safely,” an optimistic Nathan said.

. Leah Sharibu: Father Blames Buhari Govt For Daughter’s Continued Stay With Insurgents Follow Concise News.

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