If you are a regular reader of Madivas you would have noticed that last week we took you all on a new food adventure bringing you the surf and turf otong soup from dooneys kitchen which is a different approach to the normal okra soup that we know and love and those of you who tried it afterwards must have relished the beautiful sea taste that the dish offered. Anyways this week we bring you a different kind of dish “Beans stew and Agege bread” and this time we take you to Kemi Adetiba’s kitchen.


Many of you may know who Kemi Adetiba is but for those of you who don’t here is a brief introduction; Kemi Adetiba is a Nigerian music video director, she’s also a film maker and television director and her YouTube Chanel Adventures of Kemi Adetiba/Things Kemi cooks offers a really rare sight into cooking as she shares her recipes with the world not only that, her funny anecdote just makes it much more fun to watch.

Beans Stew


Beans Stew; What you’ll need:

  • Honey beans
  • Fresh tomato paste, Tatashe and hot pepper
  • Meat (diced, cooked and fried)
  • Crayfish.
  • Tomato paste.
  • Bullion Cubes (Knorr or Maggi or whicever you prefer).
  • Salt
  • Agege bread or Fried plantain.