Learn To Avoid Arguments, They Strip You Off Your Creative Abilities

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On today’s page of Reno’s nugget, Reno Omokri has advised his fans and followers to desist from arguing as it strips them off their creative abilities.

Reno Omokri

According to the political activist, arguing only steals your creative abilities and no one is worth you wasting an entire day of your life on. He said rather than make noise and argue, make news.
“Life on Earth is too short. Why should I argue with someone and lose my creativity for a day. Nobody is worth a day of your life…Arguments are not communication. They are noise. God put you on Earth to make news, not noise!”
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Reno also emphasized that it is what one answers to that matters and not what one is called. So if you’re called stupid, just ignore like you never heard and continue with your life.
“…Even if they say you are stupid, say ‘okay’ and move on! Avoiding arguments does not mean you are weak. Even if you are insulted, know that it is not what you are called that matters. It is what you answer to…”

Reno Omokri

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