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Lekki toll gate reopening to pay off debts – Commissioner


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The Lagos State Government has disclosed that the Lekki Concession Company plans to return to official tolling to pay off local and foreign investors.

This was disclosed by Lagos State Commissioner for information, Gbenga Omotosho, in an interview with Arise TV on Wednesday.

According to him, most people opposing the opening of the Lekki Toll Gate are people who do not even living in Nigeria.

The Commissioner stated that there has been no public resistance towards the reopening of the toll gate, citing the encouragements that the LCC has gotten from stakeholders and people who live around the area after a series of meetings it has had with people who live in the area, and those who frequently use the road.

“I do not believe there would be any resistance at all, the first time LCC went to the place, it was not just to reopen the toll, it was just for the company to see the damage to the equipment and have the damage can be retrenched,” Omotosho said.

He also stated that it has taken about 18 months for LCC to return to the toll gate and that it has no choice after owing local lenders N11.6 billion and foreign lenders $31.1 million and the need to cater to 500 workers who have been idle for months.

He said, “So for the company to return, most of the people who are resistant to the opening of the toll gate, they are people who don’t even live around the place, who don’t even live in Nigeria, and say all manner of unprintable things about the toll gate.”

“If LCC does not go back, I do not know how they will repay debt,” he added.

Note that the Lekki Concession Company announced that the Lekki-Ikoyi Link Bridge will resume operations on the 1st of April, 2022, adding that there would be a two-week toll-free holiday for motorists and commuters

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