If you are shaving your legs and go by the rules changing razor on every two weeks and if you calculate you will spend one thousand just in one year. Now think how much you will spend if you shaved your legs for 60 years. That’s SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. That is one very nice pair of shoes or several Trivago deals down to Cuba.
So we have a nice solution, we have a recipe to keep your legs smooth on your trips. One that’s better for the environment than throw-away razors filling a dump.

Honey – Sugar – Lemon Wax
That’s right. Sweet and acrid consolidate for one sweetly stimulating and spoiling knowledge for you and all over the place you like to keep smooth.


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It is very simple procedure
¼ cup of honey
1 cup of granulated sugar
½ a lemon’s worth of juice (maybe a 1/16 of a cup of lemon juice concentrate)
OLD FABRIC STRIPS (T-shirts, ancient tea towels, or even regular old bath towels)


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