Our palms are a jangle of lines crossing each other at odd junctures. Some lines flourish, some break and others trail off, but in this disarray of impressions it is only a palmist who can find order, a sort of harmony. He can read a person’s characteristics, his personality, his relationship, marriage, career, success, and health among others.

While it is impossible to perfect palmistry overnight, there are a couple of easy things which even a layman can discern. One such impression is the formation of the letter ‘M’ on the palm. Be assured of one thing, if you get this ‘M’ letter on your palm you are indeed a very special person.

How to identify the ‘M’ letter

The ‘M’ letter can form on your palm when the most important lines such as heart, head and life lines are in complete symmetry. When you join the three lines you can get an imaginary ‘M’ formation.


What it means

It is believed that those with this letter on their palm are blessed with good fortune.

They are extremely disciplined and motivated, and usually achieve great heights in their career.

Also such people are sound judge of characters and very easily see through people.

It is hard to deceive these people, for they are like a human x-ray machine. It takes them only moments to understand a situation and know the coarse of action.

letter m palm

Image: educateinspirechange.org

So, next time you want to kill time with friends or are simply curious teach them this trick and have fun together. But also remember, palmistry is an ancient art, and those who believe in its spiritual powers do derive benefits. For instance, if you are right-handed, then it is your left hand that displays the character traits, your personality, personal life, success in career and health. The opposite is true for the left-handed folks.

So, did you discover the ‘M’ line on your palm? 

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