Lilian Esoro Styles This Classic White Shirt And Denim Fringe To Perfection

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It’s another exciting week to pick out the unique celebrity style icon that caught our eyes with the fashion statement they rocked this past week. Our celebrity beauty of the week is the beautiful Lilian Esoro and she is showing us the unique way to style a classic white shirt and denim fringe.

The TV star wears a classic white shirt and a pair of blue ripped denim pants with a fringe by the sides of the jeans giving it a unique and super chic feel. She finished off the look with a lovely YSL bag and a nice pair of sunnies. Her hair was a bone straight weave and her makeup was a clean one with a touch of pink matte lipstick.

This look from Lilian Esoro is the perfect description of chic with a dash of stylish. This look is the perfect way to step out for a fun day out with your girls for drinks or lunch or just a random day to run errands but doing them in style.
  Photo Credit: Instagram